Got Land?

The Conservation 20/20 program is still accepting nominations for purchasing property in Lee County. If you know of any or would like to nominate an environmentally-sensitive property, please check out the forms below provided by the Lee County Conservation 20/20.

Application (Nomination Form)

Renomination or Request for Reconsideration Form (for property previously reviewed and not selected or not acquired for whatever reason)

Agent-Authorization (for Realtors/Brokers/Negotiating Agents)

Leave a Legacy

You can donate an environmentally-sensitive property. For more information, please contact

Department of County Lands

Renee Armstrong, Property of Acquisition Assistant

Tel: 239-533-8833 / Fax: 239-485-8391



Department of Parks and Recreation 

Cathy Olson, Conservation Lands Manager

Tel: 239-533-7455 / Fax: 239-485-2303